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Job Description

Missions : 

Regional General Services Manager
Guarantee safety and a quality working environment for LBC employees
employees and ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the site.
day-to-day operations.
Administrative and logistical management of the site
- Welcoming visitors / Managing mail / Allocating and monitoring access to the
premises (= badges)
- Procurement and management of material supplies related to the working environment
environment of site employees
- Relations with service providers/suppliers (consultation, negotiation, ordering and follow-up),
updating of LEBONCOIN quality charters
- Participate in invitations to tender related to the sites and deployment of contracts related to our
- Make proposals for the continuous improvement of the site
Budget management:
- Preparation and monitoring of the site's SG budget in accordance with current processes
Safety of goods and people

- Follow-up of legal and regulatory obligations Technical maintenance: air conditioning
electrical installations
- Monitoring legal and regulatory obligations in the area of fire safety: checking and
maintenance of equipment, organisation and monitoring of SST and fire
- Monitoring the management and maintenance of alarms and site access controls, surveillance
surveillance instructions
- Updating the Occupational Risk Assessment Document
(DUERP) in conjunction with HR and CSE, drawing up and updating the SG booklet
(one per site) and the file created for each site on the drive
Internal communications
- Publishing an inter-departmental site newsletter, updating and monitoring the mailing list
- Communicate on SG activities, site operations and life rules via the tool

- Duplicate and adapt the content of the group's communication tools (Bon petit Coin) in line with the
the LBC charter
- Relay corporate information and internal news, feed and update the
bulletin boards
- Develop satisfaction surveys and on-site surveys. Ensuring
analysing, writing up and reporting the results.
- Organising events and activities on and between sites.

Work environment
- Daily monitoring of site maintenance and the operation of facilities
- Planning, coordinating and monitoring work on the site, in conjunction with the relevant
and the LBC Technical Department.
- Identify areas for improvement and make proposals for the layout and operation (layout, decoration, etc.) of the site.
and operation (layout, decoration) of the site, zoning.

- Supporting and relaying LBC's CSR approach to employees
- Collecting information related to the declarations of the tertiary decree.
- Managing the fleet of bicycles (user charter and maintenance)
- Ensuring good practice in waste sorting and recycling on site
Archiving and management of storage space
- Archiving, filing and updating all documentary resources relating to site operations
related to site operations on the drive tool
- Maintaining and taking inventory of on-site supplies and equipment storage areas
Interaction and working relationships
- Maintaining a working environment that encourages cooperation between departments on site
- Organise and hold regular meetings with site management (SG news, site and department news
site and department news, feedback on needs, etc.)
- Participating in the organisation of regional LBC induction days
- Helping to organise in-house training and meetings on site
- Providing weekly reporting to the CS Department
- Provide support to departments as required


Life at Adevinta comes with its perks! Our Adevintans enjoy the following benefits:

  • An attractive Base Salary.
  • Participation in our Short Term Incentive plan (annual bonus).
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program with a match from Adevinta.
  • Work From Anywhere: Enjoy up to 20 days a year of working from anywhere! Maybe not from the moon - well why not! just make sure you have internet connection!
  • A 24/7 Employee Assistance Program for you and your family, because we care.
  • Win together, lose together is one of our key behaviours. At Adevinta you will find a collaborative environment with an opportunity to explore your potential and grow.

On top of these, we also provide a range of locally relevant benefits. Wanna know more? Apply and ask our recruiters!


Office Manager | Adevinta Spain
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